Cycling Ireland x RWB eSports Series 2023/34

Team RWB - Racing Without Borders presents a points based eSports Series - fast & furious racing across all categories. We are happy to Partner with Cycling Ireland to Promote their 2023/24 eSports Series through our League. Visit to find out more.

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Who We Are

RWB - Racing Without Borders was founded in 2020 by passionate cyclists both seasoned and new from Ireland, north and south and are Ireland's first UCI sanctioned E-Racing club and we have a simple goal and that is to push the boundaries of E-cycling to their limits.

The club operates mixed squads who compete across all categories of racing on Zwift. Racing Without Borders, as the name suggests, is an all-inclusive club created to offer a safe social environment for cyclists of all abilities. Our membership is mainly drawn from the huge Irish diaspora and this gives us a unique worldwide appeal. In our relatively short time in existence the club membership has grown to an amazing 4300+. E-racing has just left the starting pen in terms of its development and we see unlimited growth potential in all aspects of it.

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Join our racing Team RWB

Welcome to Team RWB! If you are Irish, have Irish blood in you, living on the island of Ireland, North or South or just want to ride/race your bike from anywhere in the world; you are very welcome.

If you’re looking for a team to make your time whilst Virtual Cycling more enjoyable with a bit of craic along the way you’ve come to the right place, all new members whether social or racers who share a passion for cycling would be more than welcome to join Team RWB.

We have the best inclusive community of members that will help with added encouragement, friendship, craic as well as working to improve our fitness.




A Bit More About Us

Q: When and how did Team RWB start?

A: Team Racing Without Borders (RWB) was formed in 2020 by a group of seasoned cyclists based in Ireland who had been riding on Zwift from the early days and subsequently started racing in TTT together. Everyone in Ireland knows everyone else it seems so word spread fast and more and more people took an interest, especially through lockdown. From this came the idea to create a community to support and guide aspiring Zwifters and to create an All Ireland community based around cycling. Now with over 4300 members all over the world, we welcome anyone who wants fun filled racing and riding. You just need to have visited an Irish bar and enjoyed a Guinness or partied on St Patricks Day to join up, you’ve already got a feel for how RWB works


Q: What’s our team mission/goals?

A: Our mission is to push the boundaries of E-cycling in a safe, all inclusive environment for every existing and aspiring athlete. Ireland has a lot of history and as the name suggests, we Race without Borders as one team, with a common bond, the love of cycling, the benefits of community and the very Irish need for ‘a bit of craic’ (fun)


Q: Is the team open for recruiting riders? If yes, how do riders apply?

A: Absolutely - while the team was initially formed to support cyclists in the North and South of Ireland, living on the Island or who had roots in Ireland, we would love to have anyone join the team who enjoys the spirit we represent in terms of having fun, trying their best and doing so with integrity and in a collaborative way - we want everyone to enjoy E-cycling with friends. You can join by visiting the RWB Ireland Facebook page or joining Team RWB on Zwiftpower


Q: Our IRL component? (Outdoor racing/riding)

A: There is no dedicated team but given Ireland is small we have great aspirations of getting something together.  A lot of the teams and community meet and ride together IRL and this is becoming more evident as lockdown restrictions relax. The real joy of RWB is that we are linking at a national and international level people who have really only ever cycled on their own or with their local clubs - this has created a fantastic spirit and you can be sure you are never more than a few miles from a RWB member wherever you are in Ireland


Q: What we think is the best reason people should join a team on Zwift? What benefit does it bring riders?

A: There are so many reasons and benefits - obviously the support both mentally and physically that exercise brings in a community stands out - but at a practical level the team supports technically (helping people new to Zwift) and also in terms of training plans, encouragement and getting out of the chair and meeting with friends in a healthy, safe and inclusive environment. This friendship, the craic and banter that can turn a tough day into a great day is at the core of why we exist. Whether just riding socially or racing individually or as a team RWB caters for all and there is always an Irish / Northern Irish flag on Zwift to give a ride on to or have a chat with. We want Team RWB membership to be a lifelong association with lifelong friendships, not a flash in the pan thing that you try and then give up because you didn’t enjoy it or feel supported


Q: Advice we would give to a new team just starting out?

A: Most teams start out for a reason, like-minded individuals who want to spread their enjoyment of E-racing and riding with others. Stick to that principle, enjoy what you do and support and communicate with members. As E-racing grows, there will be natural competition between teams. Zwift caters for all and so should your team - its the people and their aspirations that will drive the direction the team takes


Q: What RWB thinks is the best thing your team brings to the Zwift community?

A: Ireland is known for many things but at the top of the list is our hospitality, a warrior spirit, humour and at the absolute core, having fun with others. This is RWB in a nutshell. We feel we are representing our collective cultures and are proud of this and want others who join our races or socials to go away thinking they got more than just a workout, they loved being part of the Irishness of RWB. We race hard but our integrity and fairness is beyond reproach and we respect those we ride with and against


Q: Where do we want to see Zwift racing go in the future?

A: We would love to see Zwift evolve as a community led platform, really understanding the needs of this community and representing everyone who uses the platform, racers or social riders. There are many things good and not so good that with the right engagement can be enhanced or addressed to take the experiences to the next level


Q: How can people stay up to date on our team?

A:   We host a wide array of rides each week, socials on a Monday with discord for the banter, early morning rides on Wednesdays, race leagues on Fridays and endurance rides on Sundays. The best way to keep up to date is to join the RWB Ireland facebook page where everything planned for the week is posted, along with ride reports and everything you might need to know about the club, how to join and the various support groups within. Also check out our official Zwift events here