Why Join RWB

  1. Your club mates will motivate you to ride.

Being part of a group or club means making a commitment to other members. On a wet and rainy morning, when you don’t particularly fancy a ride and probably wouldn’t if on your own, knowing your club has a virtual space, in the safety of your own home whether its a social group ride, a private meetup or a race, you would probably turn out to meet them. At RWB our Virtual Club rides are regular sessions on predetermined days where you get to know other members, discover and test your ability as you progress in fitness and skills. Commitment to a date and time every week is motivation to ensure that you get moving – come rain or shine!

  1. You will be among like-minded people.

The great thing about being in a group is that you all come together from different areas, backgrounds and with different levels of experience but with one unifying passion. You may not be able to talk about routes, rides, bike accessories at home or with your other mates but in a cycling group you are able to share recommendations, knowledge, learn new skills etc.

  1. It will broaden your horizons.

When we organize meetups throughout Ireland or in Sunny Spain you will discover fantastic roads, lanes and paths and routes and explore together.

  1. You will go further and see more as a group.

Cycling is known to have health benefits by reducing obesity and improving cardiovascular systems etc. The general health benefits of improved fitness levels also improve your mental well-being. Being part of a group will take you further into a ride. Joining a group or club is just the start of the journey; you will learn new skills and refine existing skills.

  1. Cycling clubs are rolling repair shops.

Maybe your repair kit is limited to your mobile phone / google? In a group there is always someone with the skills and tools to fix almost all breakdowns whether it be pairing your trainer, Heart rate monitor issues, even punctures, chain, brakes and gear problems. You will learn these skills and in the event of a not fixable breakdown, there will be support to help get you and the bike home again.

  1. There is no need to worry about being “dropped”

There is always a concern from riders interested in joining a group that they may get dropped because their current level or pace is below the level of the group. A good group will be happy to offer new members the chance to come along for a few rides before you make a decision whether to join or not.  There will be groups within the group to cater for the varying abilities and pace and there will be a ride grading system in place for this purpose. The ride grades will be based on pace, distance and elevation. These are not an exact science but close enough to suit most riders and there is no pressure to perform. Of course there is the opportunity to be challenged and step up to the level above, give it a try when you feel able, step back if and when you need to.

  1. Insurance.

Insurance is a boring subject but if you join a club like RWB through Cycling Ireland. There is multiple cover available to you:

Personal Accident Cover –  *This cover applies to a member when they are training, **competing or officiating in activities of Cycling Ireland. This includes individual training/leisure cycles, group & club cycles. Medical expenses are covered to a maximum of €2,500 each claim which includes dental expenses up to €2,000. Excess of €250 applies to medical and dental claims. There is also an inner limit of €500 for physiotherapy expenses. Loss of earnings is covered for a maximum of €150 per week for a maximum of 13 weeks with the first week not being covered.

*Add-on of €10 / £9 for Leisure Membership

**Valid competitive membership required to take part in any competitive events

Public Liability (“Third Party”) – This covers a member for any third party liability or property damage for which they are held legally liable. (a third party is a person not accredited with membership of Cycling Ireland) when you are training, competing or officiating in an approved Cycling Ireland activity. (a €500 excess applies to each claim, to be paid by claimant). There is no cover in respect of any injury or damage suffered by one participant caused by another participant during training activities (please note members can still claim the personal accident cover above in this case). There is an indemnity limit of €6.5 million per incident. An increased limit is available upon request.

Professional Indemnity – Indemnifies registered members (coaches, committee members) in respect of advice given for which they are negligent and leads to a financial loss. There is an indemnity limit of €6.5 million per incident

  1. Now more than ever, there is a club for you.

There are a number of very successful cycling groups and clubs in your local area as well as numerous virtual clubs. RWB as Ireland’s only Cycling Ireland Virtual club offers a Virtual Hub of being a Nationwide club not restricted by county or province, being affiliated with Cycling Ireland allows us to run sanctioned events on behalf of Cycling Ireland, our ethos is without borders. Being a member of a cycling group or club is not like being in a gang where you may have to pledge allegiance and loyalty! You can and should cycle with any group whenever you feel the need, there is absolutely no need to be loyal to any group, you can cycle when and where you like and with anyone you choose. If you want to remain or join a local club if you still want to support RWB then you can become an associate member through this link. This ensures you help our club in bringing you the best events and content virtually all year round.

  1. Bang for your buck, where does your money go?

As with any club there are fees that need paid, all but Approx £10/€10 of your membership goes to RWB, the rest goes to Cycling Ireland to provide you with numerous benefits that are listed here (https://www.cyclingireland.ie/get-involved/membership/). The small amount that comes to RWB is to help pay fees associated with being affiliated with Cycling Ireland as an official UCI club, website domain and hosting fees as well as having a positive bank account for items not limited to purchasing merchandise with a front fee, light refreshments for IRL meetups, small prizes for our annual championships. All monies will be transparent using a non-profit business Stripe account whereby access to audit the account is available upon request through our treasurer. Some of the key benefits of joining RWB https://withoutborders.online/index.php/cycling-ireland-affiliation/